On Tuesday, February 19th, Nader Hasan and Kerry Cahill were the guest speakers at this year’s Friends in Faith Luncheon in Austin, TX. The annual event is coordinated by Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT) and is aimed at highlighting an inspiring partnership between two individuals. We feel so blessed to be able to share the Foundation’s mission with a group of such engaged, eager sponsors.

We are grateful to iACT’s Board of Directors for welcoming us to this event, CEO Tom Spencer for his guidance, patience and trust, and Larry Schooler for reaching out and sparking this collaboration.

We thank Sharon Watkins and Chez Zeefor providing such a charming, intimate venue for the event, in addition to Sharon’s limitless hospitality, support and generosity (not to mention divine desserts). 

We would also like to recognize the Austin Police Department for giving us the ability to safely share our mission. Thank you for all that you do.

To the supporters and attendees who shared in our message and connected with our mission, thank you for creating such a welcoming environment and for all your words of encouragement. Your support and love is felt and appreciated. We hope that you can help to spread our story and together we will reap the goodwill that overcomes fear.