In April, the Nawal Foundation participated in the second annual Global Citizenship Conference hosted by the Hickey Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue at Nazareth College in Rochester, New York. The event, Global Citizenship: The Next Generation Living in a Pluralistic World, brought together 400+ high school students from the Greater Rochester area to learn positive responses to intolerance and to dispel misconceptions about belief systems they may have never had the chance to study.

The Nawal Foundation spoke during the Opening Ceremonies of the conference and led two discussion sessions for the students, focusing on respect and understanding in daily life and the impact of violent extremism. We aimed to help them understand the roots of prejudice and the way it affects both the target of the prejudice and the person holding the prejudice. The Nawal Foundation recognizes the value of our youth and how they will shape our world, and we were impressed by the openness and caliber of the students at the conference.

The Foundation is looking forward to next year’s conference.