The addition of Kerry Cahill, daughter of Michael Cahill, who was killed at the Fort Hood tragedy in 2009, to the Nawal Foundation Board of Directors is a powerful testament to what unites us as Americans.

On the Nawal Foundation Board of Directors is the cousin of the Fort Hood shooter and the daughter of one of the shooter’s victims. People do not often cross such a divide. When they unite, as here, it is because challenging the EXTREMIST poison that causes tragedy is vital.
Ms. Cahill decided to join the Nawal Foundation because Muslims and non-Muslims working together is the best possible path against Islamist extremism. Fear and mistrust across communities is the breeding ground for extremist poison. Marginalizing that poison depends on Americans of good faith, and all faiths, uniting to oppose it.

On her decision to join the Nawal Foundation, Ms. Cahill says: “This decision was not taken lightly. It has involved many conversations with my family, my friends, and the members of the Nawal Foundation. Joining the Nawal Foundation will give me a chance to fight the dangerous extremism we face today. I am constantly reminded of a quote attributed to Edmund Burke: ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ My father was a man who acted the same on November 5th as he did in the rest of his life; without hesitation, with purpose, and with honor, I want to continue his spirit. I believe that Nader and I working together will make a powerful statement. We have experienced a tragedy from two different sides and decided to fight together those who helped cause it.”

The Nawal Foundation welcomes and deeply appreciates Ms. Cahill’s courage, dedication, and commitment to uniting against a common enemy.

On Ms. Cahill’s decision to join the Nawal Foundation, Mr. Hasan says: “Kerry Cahill is first a friend that I never imagined having. My cousin killed her father. He apparently believed that Islam commanded him to do it. That’s wrong. That is not Islam. Kerry and I have come to a common understanding about that horror. I am deeply moved and grateful that she is willing to help the Nawal Foundation challenge the extremist poison. Together we are so much stronger than apart.”

We’re united Americans making our voice louder than the extremists. Join us.